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Today's the fortieth anniversary of the first of what I'm pleased to call my daily cartoons. Since the end of Arthur, King of Time and Space, I've put in some effort to be able to say, with what I at least consider reasonable certainty, that I've averaged drawing and displaying a cartoon a day since 1976: either carrying them around in blue binders or sketchbooks or posting them on the internet, the stretches of no cartoons compensated for by the stretches of two or more cartoons a day. And at The Hero of Three Faces for the past few months, for the first time since embarrassingly long before the last day of AKOTAS, I've been waking up each day assuming there'll be a new cartoon and most days there actually is. On days when there hasn't been either a new Three Faces or a new Creative Process I've knocked out a sketch and posted it to Tumblr. But you know what, forty years is a lot and I think I've proven anything I wanted to. I'm not going to worry about that any more. So I'm celebrating by taking the day off.

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