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Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:United States of America
Website:The Hero of Three Faces - fanfiction cartoons
By day a mild-mannered data entry operator, in real life a cartoonist. It's not how I make a living, it's what the label on my soul reads.

I signed up at Twitter to use it as an LJ client. But then the mirror function stopped working reliably and I stopped.

Fanfiction cartoons may contain unmarked spoilers.

All fanfiction stories appear on this masterlist. All have the tag stories. Stories that are reprints from my website of 1996-2004 are tagged reprint; stories that are new since 2005 and appear only here on LJ are tagged debut. Multi-chapter stories (well, all stories) each have their own unique tag rather than linking from one chapter to the next.

GARP means Gratuitous Archive Rerun Post. Some fanfiction GARPs have been deleted from their host server because the gags have been redone for AKOTAS.

About a week after I started this journal I was given to understand that some people don't like to be friended without being asked, which I'm too shy or proud or something to do. I, however, write to be read, and don't need to be asked; but I reserve the right to friend you back without asking, and I reserve the right not to be engaged by the topics in your journal and to unfriend you again without offense.

If you're on my flist and you filter your LJ by subject, I'll be on any filter you have. I don't friend people in order to not read what they write.

Many posting authors feel it's only polite to reply to every comment on a story. As with the stories themselves, I usually only speak up when I think I have something to say besides, "Thanks for reading". That may be why I don't get as many comments as some do, but ce la vie. Thanks for reading.

Because I saw theferrett does it, I thought it might be useful to list links to "bio byte" entries here in chronological order. Some bio bytes appear in roundup posts that aren't exclusively devoted to the bio byte.

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