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Burnham, observing the tardigrade, en route to Corvan II

Spock, in mindmeld with the Horta

Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel
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I said at my wife's memorial service that if I could go back in time and change one thing about my marriage, I wouldn't. (I've thought of something since then. I'd change not having been there when she died.) Those nearly twenty seven years weren't all good of course, but overall they were. Today it would have been thirty.

Part of the reason I said it that way, though, is I've been hard pressed ever to think of any specific good moments. It's distressed me since she's been gone that the moments whose memories are scattered through my days now are generally the bad ones, when I trespassed or she did.

But recently, when I was thinking about this apparent prominence of the bad moments, I also thought about the prominence of the good years. I know she was good for me and I know I was good for her. So I guess the reason the bad moments do stand out is because they stand against a background of homogenous blur of good.
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McDonalds outsmarted me.

Thirty years ago, when I lived in Chicago, there was a McDonalds out on Milwaukee Road that was building a new store for itself a block away. My roommate Bill aspired to creating and possessing an undoctored photograph of two instances of Arches on high poles less than a block from each other. Unfortunately the window of opportunity was only a week or so and Bill missed his chance.

But I never forgot. I remembered.

About six weeks ago, here in Omaha, it became apparent that the new construction on the southeast corner of 72nd & Blondo was going to be a McDonalds ... only two blocks south of the one at 72nd & Lake which I have been patronizing for a dozen years. There was no indication I could see that the new one was going to replace the old one - in fact hiring information for the new one was posted at the old one, suggesting, I thought, the old one's staff were staying where they were. But, I reasoned, even if the new one was to replace the old one, there would likely be overlap like there was on Milwaukee Road, and there would a time - perhaps a short time - when two high-pole Arches would be capturable in one viewfinder (as long as there was an angle they both rose above the hill between them, which was uncertain) and I could, with my newfangled touchcamerasmartscreentelephone, restore my comrade's honor tarnished of old. The gods need only delay it until I was automotive again because making regular passes to determine whether the Time Had Come while constrained to bus travel was a challenge I wasn't prepared to take on.

As you may know I became wheeled again about ten days ago, but sad to say McDonalds hasn't been foremost in my mind in the time since then. Today however, in belated celebration of my mother's birthday postponed till there was a car to facilitate it, I set out to procure by drive-thru for her a Big Mac, a strawberry shake, and an apple pie (and a two-cheesebuger meal for myself while I was at it), at the 72nd & Lake McDonalds which is after all on the way. But what, on approach, do I see, but the parking lot is empty and the windows dark - and the Arches gone!

Naturally I put the best face on it and declared to myself, in so many words, "While this foils my noble quest to go viral in the name of my buddy, it undoubtedly means that the new one has been completed and I can there fulfill the birthday wishes of the woman who gave me birth and this car." But, lo, I topped that hill which was no longer any obstruction to any plans of mine, and to my wondering eyes did appear a franchise burger restaurant still under construction.

So, not only was I compelled to use my pocket computer instead to appraise my mother that I must temporarily return to my own neighborhood in order to complete my assigned rounds, but the evil empire had thoroughly thwarted me by daring to do what I could never expect: abandon 72nd Street from Ames Street to Papillion* without McCafes and french fries that my dream of three decades be utterly demolished.

* Disclaimer: It's actually been years since I drove to work in Papillion on 72nd Street looking for a McDonalds, and for all I know there is one or more along there somewhere by now. It just always boggled my mind then that there wasn't any.
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I wrote the other day, "I want to rant about Las Vegas and the sorry state of gun control in this state, but I can't think of anything new to say." This is something not new to be said, but in the way of things that are obvious but overlooked and bear much repeating, which I don't think I've said before. Originally composed as a reply on someone else's Facebook post:

I keep saying "it's proven that the killing can be stopped" and you keep saying, "but we have rights" as if having rights was an end in itself. No, rights are intended to serve a purpose.

They're for preventing people getting killed!

You keep invoking directly or indirectly one sentence in a document that was written in an era when rifles, pistols, and cannons could hold only one projectile at a time and took minutes to reload. That document also contains the built-in capacity for itself to be updated when its provisions are no longer effective. It is not Holy Writ. It even presented itself as updateable before it was completed: the sentence you're so fond of is itself an amendment. Do you believe the sentence in question was written ultimately for the protection of guns or for the protection of lives? Because it's used for protecting only one of the two, these days, and that's not lives. Therefore it needs updating.

I will not accept any citation of theoretical future insurrection against a government turned hostile (which government, by the way, in that event would use planes or drones to drop bombs, against which your home weaponry is no protection - it's doing so right now to civilian populations overseas, and it did so during the 20th century in Tulsa and Philadelphia - so good luck storming the capital) because firstly, actual civilian innocent lives being lost in the present are more important than any merely theoretical future; and secondly, that's not what the Second Amendment was truly about anyhow. The militia it refers to were the nation's first police forces whose original formation was for the purpose of hunting and killing black people. The only valid (using the term loosely) reason for denying that the Second Amendment now requires amendment itself is that you're okay with police shootings of people of color. Those US goverment bombings on US soil I mentioned parenthetically above? Black neighborhoods, residences and businesses, rich and poor. That's what you're defending whether or not you know it.

You think your postion is "rights are important" but you aren't seeing the context, the difference between what you think the rights are for, and how they are instead now actually being utilized. You aren't seeing the logical fallacy in what you're saying which is "this right whose purpose is the protection of innocent lives is more important than all the innocent lives that are being destroyed by people exercising this right". You aren't seeing that your position ultimately reduces to "lives are less important than guns" but I do and it outrages me wherever I see it.

Even if you were correct that Americans' minds somehow work differently than the minds of all the people in all the nations where gun law successfully prevents mass shootings (which, by the way, seems disproven by the majority popular support of the gun control legislation that Congress brought after Sandy Hook then voted down), it would only mean that disregard for human life has become the American way. It's not in me to quietly allow that to stand. While that's your position there can be no meeting of minds between us, no agreement to disagree. I may give up arguing with you in particular as a bad job, but never mistake that for concession.

The question before us is, "Lives or guns?", and you keep answering, "Guns."
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I think my favorite Tom Petty song is Running Down A Dream. I think my wife's was Won't Back Down. I think that may be all you need to know about both of us.
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I want to rant about Las Vegas and the sorry state of gun control in this state, but I can’t think of anything new to say.
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Don't you just love the tired old logical fallacy that exercising our right to free speech and protest is disrespectful to those who fight and die for our right to free speech and protest.

The fake president's inciting employers of protestors to fire them is a massively outrageous offense to the Constitution and the right to free expression in this country and everywhere.

This kind of nonviolent protest is exactly what gets called for when there are riots. But then nonviolent protest is ignored or suppressed just like what's happening here, and that's when the riots start.

The overwhelming counterreaction to the fake president's attempted fascism from those he addressed it to is encouraging but let's not allow it to distract us from the deadly, systemic issue that the protests are there to highlight: the runaway police brutality in this country and the racism that it propagates.
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Often I wish I could magically, telekinetically commit to video full new episodes of my favorite shows from vague plot ideas or from short stretches of dialog, with my subconscious filling in the details from the balance of the script to the last pixel.

Of course then I only have to remind myself that that, if on a small scale, is what I already do.
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When I first imported over from LJ, I "subscribed" to a lot of LJs I'd been following because I thought that was how they and/or their Dreamwidth counterpart would feed onto my Reading page. This was mistaken. By the time I realized I need to subscribe/request access to Dreamwidth journals, I had moved on from the project, and since then it has sat on my To Do list with other things I don't think I'll get to until Providence gives me back the eighteen hours a week I spend riding the bus right now. So if you're a mutual on any other platform and/or formerly LJ but I haven't accessed you yet here it's not because I don't mean to.
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It’s willful ignorance of context that’s required in order to say “All lives matter.” And “Not all men.” And “Then why are there so many more blizzards?” And “You just need to think happy thoughts.” And “I’m not vaccinating my kids.” And “It’s about ethics in games journalism.” And “You’re such an inspiration!”

One of the problems progressiveness has politically is that it does require context and people think they don’t have time to listen. But anti-progressivism only requires dog-whistles and sound bytes and Twitter … and ignorance of context.

So I shall try to formulate my progressive comments as consisely and in as few words as possible. Because that's what those fuckers understand.
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The Senate is now working in secret not only to pass a health care bill that has not been subject to standard public review. Also instigated last week, while they hoped the nation was distracted by the Comey hearings, were bills aimed at revoking consumer protections and revoking the Dodds-Frank act for preventing more economic collapses as in 2008. To top it all off, McConnell has changed the rules so that the press may not stop senators in the halls. These are actions of totalitarianism and fascism. Tell your senators daily that you require your representatives not only to refuse cooperation with these measures but to speak up and speak out against them.
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that feeling when you’ve only watched netflix series that are from marvel and then you sit down to gilmore girls and first thing you hear is the netflix dun-dun and now you’re primed to watch lorelei and rory as they beat down the gangsters and pushers of stars hollow and as they discover emily was the first gilmore girl forty years ago in the days of the battles against gasoline siphoning and as all three of them track down richard’s killers in the town’s seediest franchise coffee shops and gazebos
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After forty some years I've noticed that two pro-science writers made the head scientist one of the heroes' antagonists in The Mote In God's Eye.
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Here are season finale cartoons from the fanfiction sketchbook website. Journal cartoons in a separxate post. Cartoons may contain unmarked spoilers.

In case these are the only entries here that you read all week, I should mention I've imported this journal to Dreamwidth and intend to delete it soon because of the T&Cs mess; details in recent entries tagged lj. I'm not certain whether I'll keep doing these over there.

Featuring characters and/or images from DOCTOR WHO, Superman comics, STAR TREK, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, STAR WARS, and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. )

Thanks for reading.

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Here is this week's Creative Process which updates Fridays. Fanfiction cartoons in a searate post.

In case these are the only entries here that you read all week, I should mention I've imported this journal to Dreamwidth and intend to delete it soon because of the T&Cs mess; details in recent entries tagged lj. I'm not certain whether I'll keep doing these over there.

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Thanks for reading.

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A high school and Facebook friend of mine died in a car accident Monday. Witness accounts as reported in the newspaper suggest, at least to me, that she was at fault in the accident. Drive safely, gang, it matters.

Crossposted from Dreamwidth, where I am also scarfman, and will continue to be scarfman when I am no longer scarfman here.
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A high school and Facebook friend of mine died in a car accident Monday. Witness accounts as reported in the newspaper suggest, at least to me, that she was at fault in the accident. Drive safely, gang, it matters.

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