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  • The only way we'd be unable to tell which timeline the new Star Trek series is on is if it has an entirely new stardate system.
  • Do I want fishsticks for supper badly enough to put on pants and go get some?
  • If there had been no timeskips at AKOTAS we'd now be in the middle of one time that was skipped.
  • Or condensed. The "sketch hiatus" sketches were all set in the time being skipped, prorated for the hiatus length.
  • Right now we'd be at a time between this one and the next one:
  • One of the cats thinks the center of the narrow corner hall is where several beanie babies belong.
  • a half hour nap at 21:30 might not have been the bright thing to do but maybe I can finish that cartoon now after all
  • Napping and then drawing worked well last night. Let's try it again.
  • OMG DANCING MEN #elementary
  • Phe frequency that two-item shopping lists send me to both far corners of the store irks me.
  • Somebody asked me whether The Force Awakens is really two hours and forty five minutes and I had to say, "I dunno."
  • Today's shopping list: cat litter and toilet paper. Something for everyone.

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