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With the desk tower as recovered as possible by having been restored to factory settings, and the living room laptop subject to the idiosyncracies of age (specifically an intermittent tendency to freeze up which it did half a dozen times yesterday evening at increasing frequency), when after two weeks I really like being back in the living room I’ve decided the thing to do is move the tower into the living room. This weekend’s project.

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Sep. 2nd, 2016 12:01 pm
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Sep. 1st, 2016 12:01 pm
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Aug. 31st, 2016 12:01 pm
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  • Tue, 19:44: Brownout last night seems to have zapped my desktop. Anything I do in Automatic Repair takes me back to Automatic Repair.
  • Tue, 19:45: The living room laptop may become my primary home PC again.
  • Tue, 20:49: That's the machine with my single-license Office 2010 through work. Gonna have to call MicroSoft bout that.
  • Tue, 21:55: Was gonna back up my music next Sunday backup. Didn't do one Sunday cuz I'd been on a trip most of the week. Dammit.
  • Tue, 23:40: Hero of Three Faces update: because knowledge is power. #buffythevampireslayer #btvs #doctorwho
  • Wed, 09:16: sneezing at the bus stop
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Anyone who remembers my tribulations trying to run my daily use Excel spreadsheet (among other files) on my new-to-me Windows 10 desk tower may be relieved to know I discovered the other day at work that one of our benefits is discounted Office 2016 for home use. I downloaded that over the weekend and permanently replaced Office 365 off the cloud for about the same price as the monthly charge for Office 365 off the cloud. I'm sure I had previously been made aware sometime in my five years here that among the benefits was the latest home Office, but I won't have paid any attention before because I wasn't interested in giving up my Office XP until my primary home device was something that wouldn't run it.

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Sep. 8th, 2015 12:03 pm
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  • Mon, 12:14: Couldn't find the 13yo University of Louisville student MSOffice disks to try'n install on the Win10 tower, but found a 10yo Creighton disk
  • Mon, 12:31: Creighton CD didn't work. But with it there was a CD that appears to have executable Office XP files on it ... that Win10 won't run.
  • Mon, 12:51: Copied Office XP CD's exe files to tower C drive, Win10 says files not compatible. Websearched compatibility tricks, no help. 365 it is.
  • Mon, 14:07: Photoset: catsbeaversandducks: awesome-picz: Animals Posing For The Camera Like Pros. Look at these animals...
  • Mon, 14:57: athelind: heroofthreefaces: Pretty much decided now to switch to the desk tower as my primary home machine...
  • Mon, 19:02: "There is no 'War on Cops'"; There is a Long-Overdue Conversation About Police Brutality - stare-me-down:
  • Mon, 20:05: Uh Oh 7: Fictional spy dude to be paired with woman his own age; Redpillers declare end of cinema -...
  • Mon, 20:16: I watched Season 2006 on my wife's birthday in June. I think I can skip it in my series rewatch now. #doctorwho

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Sep. 7th, 2015 12:03 pm
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  • Sun, 19:24: The Twitter mirror function is working at LJ! They never told me it was back up. I'll probably start Twitting more'n Tumblr entries again.
  • Sun, 19:56: Photo: superdames: Wonder Woman’s lesson to bullies! —Sensation Comics #23 (1943) by William Moulton...
  • Sun, 21:38: Pretty much decided now to switch to the desk tower as my primary home machine because of the issues I’m...
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Pretty much decided now to switch to the desk tower as my primary home machine because of the issues I'm having with the laptop. It is after all due to posts about past laptop issues that [ profile] vainpageantry and [ profile] ladydragondark decided to gift me the tower when they realized they wouldn't need it any more. The only thing that's kept me from doing this before now is there's nothing on the tower that will open the Excel spreadsheet that's where I track my daily ticklers and my cartoons as I draw them. I don't want to subscribe to MS Office 365 because I don't trust clouds, but I may resort to it as a stopgap till I can afford local Office.
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The home laptop might be developing power drawing issues again. Hivemind, what’s a good, cheap Windows-using Surface/Surface Pro knockoff?
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When people are being terrorized out of their homes and public appearances, ethics is not what your side of the argument is about.

"Missy isn't the Master regenerated, she's the Rani regenerated." That's preposterous. You know what's…

"what's extreme is people like you not realizing that sometimes diversity can go too far." It isn't possible …

I’ve started listening to the top hits station instead of the classic rock station. Every few years it...

My capacity to be happy in a manner you don't understand isn't a flaw. Your incapacity to understand is.

My starfield background file, since I last used it two weeks ago, and half or more of the files in that directory have vanished.
There might be a flashdrive at home with those files. But the loss itself is a bigger concern than the content lost. How the hell'd it happen?
Last week's backup of the home laptop to the flashdrive must be where things went wrong, cuz the home laptop's not missing those files.
Now to this week's backup.

As of today the triangle Doctor wears the Night Of The Doctor suit the last .1 of his 8th life insteada the last .5, cuz relative screentime

Imagine your favorite Doctor-companion team. They’re out in public somewhere, on a busy street or in a mall...

What meme that I missed leads to screaming goats in tv ads?

allofthefeelings: There’s no better Rorschach test than what your favorite X-Files episode is. Seriously....

Someone at work seems to have come by my cube and noted my wife’s action figures on the desk, and the...

Giving up Doctor Who cartoons for Lent may be taking a toll on productivity - only three 3Faces last week. But next week's Easter.

Hm. When the sound and video card start misbehaving, it just might be a sign that I maybe HAVEN'T RESTARTED WINDOWS IN WEEKS
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The laptop with MSOffice on it started today, on the second start attempt since it wouldn't start about ten days ago. Yay. 'Course now I don't know how reliable it is, but I can run my daily use spreadsheet locally again until and unless this laptop is proven unreliable.
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I went and uploaded to GoogleDocs the spreadsheet where I track my cartoons that has been inaccessible for almost a week. Despite warnings of formatting losses, which I'm familiar with after maintaining the spreadsheet in OpenOffice instead of MSOffice for a year recently, I'm not seeing any trouble spots yet, perhaps because of modifications I made while I was keeping it in OpenOffice. I greatly prefer keeping my files locally - I don't trust any given cloud service provider to always be there*, and I don't trust Google after the way their Usenet archive has deteriorated. But I use this spreadsheet daily, and the laptop that has MSOffice won't power up, and the laptop that had OpenOffice stopped running it. The cloud must do for now. Next step, finding out what format(s) in which it can be downloaded back.

* Which reminds me, I need to get into my late wife's Amazon logon and download what music she had in her library. And video, if any. If there's now a way to download video that works.

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Anybody else getting maybe Courier, maybe all non-proportional fonts displaying poorly ever since this week's Windows update?
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And now the laptop's sound card is working again. Actually its performance has been spotty in all the years I've had the thing - I just thought till now that it was the laptop's speakers that were the issue, because WMP never complained before that it was actually unable to play sound files (a symptom from over the past few days that I haven't mentioned here). Pretty sure this isn't even the first time it's conked out entirely for twenty-four or forty-eight hours and then come back. It's perfectly possible that this happens all the time and I never noticed before because, when I'd be on the computer while Leah and I were watching tv, I'd just mute the laptop outright.
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Well, my laptop's problem with the WMP playblack appears not to be WMP's fault after all, despite the timing of the problem's appearance, because now the laptop's not playing any sound at all.
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While insomniac early Wednesday morning I installed General Technics-recommended anti-malware Mike Bentley told me about on FaceBook. I decided to try the free version first. It removed about 180 files and "keys" right away, and now alerts me regularly to the presence of nonmalware-but-unrequested files showing up. But it didn't stop, Thursday morning after Windows update restart, another instance of a soundtrack, from a video in no program the laptop was running (it was running no programs at all when this commenced), playing on my speakers. I think this video was dubbed anime, from the tone of the voices and from the references in dialog to vampires and high schools. Remember I said when this happened the other day it was a male enhancement product ad that seemed to go on for an hour? For the twenty minutes I listened to the second one, doing other things before shutting the laptop down and heading to work, it seemed to be the same ten-minute string of scenes twice. The ad might have been on repeat instead of actually lasting as long as I thought. (It's supposed to be dangerous for that to last very long anyway, isn't it?) Maybe I need to upgrade to the paid version of the anti-malware. Or to figure out how to select which video plays. After all I am two behind on Downton Abbey.
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Well I guess I found out what that processing issue was. Abour four this afternoon the laptop’s speakers began blaring an ad for a male enhancement product (I will not dignify it by naming it here). There was no indication among the buttons on the desktop toolbar, or in Task Manager, what program might be running it; only for the three windows I had open on purpose. (In retrospect it might have been related to my internet browser because the audio occasionally made statements that indicated it was intended to accompany a visual presentation.) I was forced to mute at the whole-computer level - fortunately I was listening to (watching) the tv so that didn’t interrupt anything I was doing at the time. If the thing wasn’t running only during those moments I unmuted it, rather than constantly until I didn’t hear it any more, it was about aan hour long. But I did at one point listen to it long enough to pick up the brand name of the product, so I could look it up and leave a nasty phone message for the company.
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Coupla times this week have had to restart my home laptop because it suddenly started running uselessly slow. I suspect someone’s hijacking processing. I hope getting only half an hour at a time before the computer’s turned off will convince whoever it is that there’s no point.

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