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The punch code when I'd paid for my car wash this afternoon was the command code for the starship Reliant.

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Sep. 26th, 2012 12:00 pm
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Recently I had pointed out to me that the run of AfterM*A*S*H can be found at YouTube and this week I've been checking them out. It's been thirty years since these aired and I haven't seen them again since (I never did see the Thanksgiving episode before), and it's almost like having new M*A*S*H.

AfterM*A*S*H gets a bad rap but the best of it is better than the worst of M*A*S*H.

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Disclosure: I am American, white, male, middle-aged, middle class (such as it is this decade).

The first time I saw the foul cried, "Racefail!", to the news this week that the villain that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) is playing in the now-shooting Star Trek movie is Khan, I thought, "Yeah, I guess." I wasn't sure how much racefail it is when a character with an Indian name originally played by a Latino is recast with an Englishman, but it is a case of some actor of color losing out on a role of color. Mostly I was disappointed because I wanted to see new stories in this film series rather than rehashes of old stories (plus, if he had to be recast into an existing character, Cumberbatch would've made a better Koloth than Khan).

Now that I've had a few days to think about it and to peruse others' reactions, though, I don't think it's as defensibly racefail as, e.g., the casting of Katniss or Aang were. There are a couple of reasons why not.

1. It's not implausible for an Indian man named Khan of this day and age, or later, to look and sound like Benedict Cumberbatch; and that plausibility accents a chapter in the history of oppression that were better not forgotten.

2. Unless his backstory has changed radically, Khan is the result of genetic manipulation for "superiority" by supremacists. Racefail is in character.

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Dammit. I didn't expect it, but I wanted Cumberbatch to be playing Koloth.

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The fundamental difference between 20th century Doctor Who and 21st century Doctor Who is that in 20th century Doctor Who the Doctor did not need or want a family. A (grand)daughter surrogate, certainly, but not a whole family. Perhaps only because the Time Lords were still out there, but.

The fundamental difference between Davies Doctor Who and Moffat Doctor Who is that Davies seemed to believe the Doctor is not to be allowed to acquire a family and then keep them.

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  • @TheOnlyTrout I'd rather draw a phone conversation than a crowd scene.
  • I don't share the popular antipathy towards #StarTrek V but I still sure hope Cumberbatch isn't Sybok.
  • RT @stoplookingup I love my geek family. We're arguing over whether to name the new gps Landru or Mr Smith.
  • @daibhidc Doyle's Adler was her own person. Moffat's isn't.
  • Anyone whose version of #IreneAdler's story ends with her and #Holmes less than full enemies as at the beginning has missed the point.
  • @daibhidc Mutual admiration as a worthy adversary? Yes. That's what the story's about. Canon hooks for 'shippers? No.
  • "holding out for perfect is the enemy of getting something done" - @fleenguy
  • Screw the haters. Control-Alt-Delete makes me laugh.
  • @TheOnlyTrout "Lots and lots of little art"? That's what I hate about crowd scenes.
  • I love those huge white three-pronged windmills. They look like aliens.
  • Line them up just right and they look like aliens dancing.
  • The reason the Taliban outlaws education for women is recruits must have permission from their mothers.
  • @stoplookingup All British/American non-synonyms for clothing mean underwear in Britain. Pants, vest, suspenders ...
  • Next year I want to see Cumberbatch do the moment of revelation in The Norwood Builder. Brett turned his face away from the camera!! Away!
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  • So @NoelClarke's casting in Star Trek was the biggest geek news on the internet yesterday ... for three hours.
  • Poor Mickey always comes in second dunnee
  • The casting of Cumberbatch has convinced me that the role can't be Khan. Which I think is great.
  • You know, Cumberbatch would make a good Q, though.
  • I could stomach a return of Khan if it was Q saying, "Here's the experiment, here's the control..."
  • For "Khan" read "any return villain"
  • RT @stoplookingup Cumberbatch would make an awesome Romulan, though.
  • Don't need any return villains except Koloth. They didn't get to use Koloth like they wanted. ...And Cumberbatch would make a good Koloth.
  • Now I wanna see Cumberbatch as Koloth. In TOS makeup (never happen).
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I wish the Dolittle franchise inspired pastiches the way Sherlock Holmes does. I gather though that the books have been out of print pretty much since I was a kid because of the ambient racism level due to their dating from about a century ago.

Yeah, yeah, the African prince Bumpo aspires to be a white man because he wants to wake Sleeping Beauty. The recent edition I read a few years ago was edited so that Bumpo thought he'd win Sleeping Beauty if Dr Dolittle changed him into a lion. But Bumpo's plan fails either way. However, he then becomes a valued member of the Doctor's household. Is that really any more racist than Huckleberry Finn? Notwithstanding the fuss kicked up over Huckleberry Finn every decade or so.

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I have a hard time relating to people who object when their criticism of fanfiction is rebutted, "Then make your own." This is because my response is to make my own. But apparently the same rebuttal has started to come up in criticism of professional comics these days, and I can offer a counterargument for that.

If you're criticising professional comics these days, and someone rebuts, "Then make your own," I suggest a response something along the lines of:

"If you don't like the plumbing job you've had, do you respond by doing it yourself? The auto repairs? The surgery? The people who are turning this work out are trained and/or experienced specialists being paid for it, and I'm not meant to have to do it myself in order to have a satisfactory job done of it."

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Somewhere, in an Enchanted Place at the top of a forest, a journalist and her Time Lord will always be playing.

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I've been reading the novels in Fleet of Worlds series by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner. They're a subset of Niven's Known Space series of stories. They're retellings from new points of view - if not from new characters - of events in the Known Space universe I barely remember from reading all Niven's extant work off my brother's shelf in the mid-1970s (and from occasional rereadings since).

Basically they're Known Space fanfiction with the original creator as coauthor.

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Aug. 1st, 2011 12:04 pm
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Jul. 17th, 2011 05:00 pm
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The reviews on my flists of both Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh say stay through the credits.

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  • 7/14/11 Last night I swore tonight I'd start drawing my Miracle Day fanfiction story. Today I began wondering whether it oughtn't be prose instead.
  • 7/14/11 Part of the purpose of these light duty hiatuses at AKOTAS is to make me miss full drawing. It's working already.
  • 7/15/11 When I really realized it's over (though I haven't seen the movie yet) was just now when I saw "Mischief Managed" is trending.
  • 7/15/11 When Wayne Knight is friendly, watch your back. #Torchwood
  • 7/16/11 Looking over our similar haircuts my stepmom told us, "The color's the same too." I said. "We have the same kids."
  • 7/16/11 This week I worked a full five days for the first time since early May. Next Wednesday is chemo session two of four. #lump


Jul. 14th, 2011 07:53 am
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Remember the spoiler for Randall Garrett's Too Many Magicians I posted behind a cut the other day? It's wrong. I've reread the novel now and it turns out the character I spoke of isn't the only one who meets that condition. If you haven't read the novel and read my spoiler, you may still be good after all.

Lord Darcy

Jul. 9th, 2011 04:07 pm
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Randall Garrett's Lord Darcy series of stories, about a detective in a world of magic instead of science, endeared itself to me when I first read it a quarter century ago because I figured out who the murderer was halfway through the first story, "The Eyes Have It". It all comes of recognizing a, or the, most significant clue when it comes along.

I also figured out the murderer halfway through the only novel-length story, Too Many Magicians - though that wasn't from any internal clue in the story. Cut for spoiler: )

For someone who loves puns, I have a lot of those that reportedly pervade Garrett's works go right past me. In the case of Too Many Magicians it may just be because I'm not particularly an aficianado of the mystery genre and the sources of the wordplay. It's been about twenty years since I last read it, though, so I may have more of the referents this time.

Though, when I first read the novel, Lord Darcy's cousin the Marquis de London caught my attention. de London is corpulent and indolent, and I thought, "Mycroft Holmes." But Mycroft Holmes does get out a little, and de London never leaves his home and his garden. Then I realized the botany aspect was indicative of Nero Wolfe, a character I know of but only second-hand. "de London is Nero Wolfe," I realized, "and his aide Lord Bontriomphe is Archie Goodwin."

Then I thought, "Good win."

Then I thought, "Bon triomphe."

Then I had to put the book aside for five minutes while I calmed down.

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Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:34 pm
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Just identified to myself the eleventh year of the Stargate tv franchise as "the year Carter ran DS9".

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