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that feeling when you’ve only watched netflix series that are from marvel and then you sit down to gilmore girls and first thing you hear is the netflix dun-dun and now you’re primed to watch lorelei and rory as they beat down the gangsters and pushers of stars hollow and as they discover emily was the first gilmore girl forty years ago in the days of the battles against gasoline siphoning and as all three of them track down richard’s killers in the town’s seediest franchise coffee shops and gazebos

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Oct. 19th, 2014 12:02 pm
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Sep. 12th, 2014 12:02 pm
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This morning between when the cat woke me up and when the cat got me up, I had a dream in which I was ranging around downtown and the campus of the university where I used to work and attend with a very friendly bus driver who wasn't quite going where I needed to be but I had plenty of time. Then when I got to campus, I happened on the tail end of a meeting between Dean Sam* Winchester and some university official in which Sam was discovering that university policies were going to make it impossible for him to actually graduate. When he got out of the meeting I commiserated with him and, since this apparently meant he was going to be transferring out and/or leaving town, I told him how much I was going to miss him and Dean but it was for the best.

I guess LJ is going to continue to be my dream journal, though this one at least would be way on-topic for Tumblr.

* Sometimes I confuse the Winchesters' names because Jared Padalecki's name on Gilmore Girls was Dean.

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  • 09:09:21: Lots of snow, haven't heard a figure. The Jesuit uni is closed, that's how much.
  • 09:10:33: Called my boss & said, if the roads clear enough that I can get my car out, I'll call to see whether we're open.
  • 12:37:02: Two feet outside my garage door there's a two-foot drift, and we don't own a snow shovel.
  • 13:29:13: The first step on the road to Mars. RT @cartoonmoney #toothandclaw RTDs attempts to make it lighter and fluffier makes Rose and 10 mean.
  • 15:45:14: Noah Bennet's partner is Lauren Gilmore. Lauren Graham played Lorelai Gilmore. When the tatooed lady's name is Lydia that's no coincidence.

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I dreamed I was doing a road trip, by myself, [ profile] qtrhorserider wasn't there. Except I kept running into Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, who were going to the same place as I but weren't traveling together because they'd had a big fight. Finally they were at least both in my car together, even if they weren't speaking. In fact Lorelai was driving. We got to this restaurant/rest stop/attraction sort of place, and they asked me to leave them alone, and after a minute they were getting along again and insisting I try this game in the place's video arcade which seemed to me to be a modernised Burger Time, and then I was woken up.

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