Feb. 26th, 2017

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Feb. 26th, 2017 12:00 pm
scarfman: (scarfman)
  • Sat, 12:12: Hero of Three Faces update: ahead of her time. https://t.co/tMovNNB8mM #h2g2 #doctorwho
  • Sun, 09:01: halfway through the window the cable guy was sposed to arrive
  • Sun, 09:02: good thing i was already not planning on going to church today, though of course that's why i agreed to this window
  • Sun, 10:00: The last time The Hero of Three Faces miissed a day was 12/29 https://t.co/hwgxnLf3AY
  • Sun, 10:00: I think the cable guy's here. I don't see a truck through the front window from the couch but something's knocking the trachcans around.
  • Sun, 10:29: the noise musta ben someone else and the window's half an hour past. time to call
  • Sun, 10:42: phone tech today says that the phone tech yesterday actually scheduled the site tech for tuesday, not today as he said
  • Sun, 10:43: as i already said, GOOD THING I HAD NO OTHER PLANS
  • Sun, 10:44: didn't take it out on today's phone tech of course, that would be scummy
  • Sun, 10:44: guess i'm taking some more non-rollover paid time off tuesday
  • Sun, 11:17: plans for the rest of the weekend assumed reliable internet connection so guess i'll draw more buffer
  • Sun, 11:23: say, it's almost noon, time for breakfast

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