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My entries finished importing to Dreamwidth Monday and my comments finished Tuesday, an hour ago according to the status page. I'm posting this to cap the import story and to test the crosspost to LJ I just set up. I still intend to delete my LJ on principle (see my first entry on the new TOC), but first I'll import the entries and any comments from since I started the first import, which shouldn't take nearly as long as there'll be only a week of'em and mostly Twitter mirror posts. If Dreamwidth does Twitter mirror posts I haven't figured it out yet. I haven't decided whether I'll still do Friday morning Hero of Three Faces and Creative Process posts; we'll all find out together the first Friday I no longer have an LJ. I haven't figured out whether DW limits tags on unpaid accounts like LJ does.

I suppose before I delete my LJ I better search DW for everyone on my LJ friendslist who has the same username over here. Two of you already subscribed to me - thanks. One of you I expect to friend at Facebook now, because I only never did before because your Facebook is primarily LJ crossposting.

I think I've decided not to import qtrhorserider's LJ before deleting it. Surely anyone who'd have a serious disagreement with that would have had reason to contact me on some other important matter sometime over the past two years, eight months and one day.
Edit That calculation was incorrect. For most of my life when I've done this trick I've been counting days (actually, usually to the hour) from the day of my marriage, and this time I counted from the tenth of the month when it ought to have been the seventeenth. It ought've been two years, seven months and twenty-four days.

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